Jan. 12th, 2008

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I've spent the past two days recovering from severe jet lag and sorting through 160 photos, photoshopping some, resizing, etc. And I'm still not done. But here's a start, the first of several posts about the trip to England and Wales.

The weather: chilly (though never below freezing, hurrah!) We experienced drizzle, light rain, showers, heavy rain, and (my least favorite) wind-swept rain. We also saw blue sky and glimpses of the sun at least daily. And there was very little daylight. By 4pm it was completely dark, and we never seemed to get our act together to leave the hotel or b&b until 11am.

My health during the trip: sleep-deprivation with continuous low-level anxiety. Bleh. I now know I need my own room as much as possible when I travel, raising the cost even more. :( But it was still worth it, of course!

Ok, so on to the first of the photos! view from the hotel window, followed by several pics for Harry Potter fans )
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(I'm currently having a weird problem with photobucket--the photos are appearing in LJ really large even though I reduced their size. Right now the only thing that's working is for me to post thumbnails instead. When you click on them they should enlarge to the size I actually want them. What a pain. Sorry to make you take that extra step to see the pics larger! Next time I'll use another site, but photobucket used to be so easy!)

Ok, on to the trip report, continued. We saw two museums and one play. (Denice saw two plays.) this will be mostly photos )


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