Jan. 15th, 2008

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As you might guess, the title of this post contains a bit of foreshadowing...

Our original plan for that day was to take the train to Caerphilly Castle. However, the forecast was rain (surprise!) and we'd heard from Michael, another guest at the Inn, that this castle is mostly ruins and therefore mostly outdoors. Few chances to get out of the cold and rain. But we were still wanting a road trip. One of the innkeepers suggested Merthyr Tydfil, a town that also has a castle to explore, but is also much more of a town so there could potentially be other places to see. Upon closer examination of Merthyr's castle's brochure we discovered the castle is closed on mondays during the winter. Drat! But at least during the train ride we'd get to see some of the Welsh countryside. We decided to go to Merthyr Tydfil anyway.

When we arrived in Merthyr, the sun was out! We found the visitor centre and got walking directions to the castle. I'm sure the castle is walking distance from the center of town, but definitely not a short walk. Probably a couple miles. I wouldn't know because we never got there. We stopped to take photographs of a rainbow and behind the rainbow there were ominously dark clouds. Did we want to continue onward, toward a castle that's closed on mondays? Nope! We turned around and started trudging back toward the center of town but the sky soon opened up, bringing with it a wind-swept rain and we were drenched by the time we reached somewhere we could duck into for lunch.

As we were getting on the train to return to Cardiff the sun came back out again! Upon returning to Cardiff we set out toward Cardiff Museum, which we'd heard is quite nice, but when we got there, the sign said "closed on mondays!" Oh joy. :( We ended up in the Cardiff City Centre visitor center, where they had a display about the history of flooding in Cardiff (extensive, and going back many centuries.) And that was our museum for the day. three photos including the above-mentioned rainbow )


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