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I've decided to put part two here instead of my (mostly) fic journal because I got so many comments I was constantly having to back and forth between the two journals. So I'm making this a public post. This post is going to focus on the Doctor Who and Torchwood fans, and also a little on Brittrack, the wonderful people who made this all possible at Dragon*con.

The weekend got off to a good start on Thursday with a Torchwood/Who fan meetup organized by [ profile] dr_is_in and [ profile] sunstar77. Considering I only knew one person at this con - and didn't spend much time with her - it was so great to get to know a few people that first evening, fans I kept seeing for the remainder of the con. Nice to have familiar faces in the crowd! :-)

Bears at the Torchwood meetup: two sets of Jack and Ianto bears and one Owen bear. Awwww... :-)

pizza boxes
They ordered pizza to be delivered to "Torchwood 3"! Oh yes! :-) The proof is right here on the boxes.

group photo
A group photo from the meetup. :-)

waiting for torchwood panel
You can expect to spend lots of time waiting in long lines to get into panels with big-name guests if you're at Dragon*con. It was actually great fun waiting for the Torchwood panels - plenty of time to chat with fans.

Tommy bear
[ profile] shiksafeminista, and her Tommy Bear. And yes, Anthony Lewis got to meet Tommy Bear. :-)

The "Gay Characters in the Whoniverse" panel, from where I sat in the front on the floor. I was lucky to get into the room at all -- it was standing-room-only. I spent a lot of time in this room - the brittrack room, which was my home-away-from home at this con. The folks running brittrack were friendly, know the shows well, handled the fans well during actor Q&A's and asked the actors really good questions.

brittrack poster
Poster at the entrance to the brittrack room. Because I liked it. :-)

I went to a Doctor Who costumers' panel the final day, because I wanted to see costumes and hopefully get ideas and tips for doing my own. Here are many of the costumes I saw there:

adipose purse
Adipose purse :-)

Angel statue
Angel statue, and a most amazing costume. She has a detailed post about it up on [ profile] crafty_tardis. If you're interested in costuming, go have a look!

Arthur Dent
Look: It's Arthur Dent from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. No, not part of the Doctor Who universe but part of brittrack and I happen to love and adore Hitchhiker's Guide. :-)

the Queen
Queen Victoria was there too. :-) She was also in the Doctor Who play I saw later that afternoon, which was one of the highlights of the convention for me. There are good pics from a different performance of the same play at Timegatecon's web site.

fourth doctor
The fourth doctor was there.

fifth doctor
So was the fifth doctor!

Someone from UNIT was there to keep an eye on things.

Rose and Ten with a Dalek. And a very large gun. :-)

Jack Harkness
Captain Jack was of course eager to get his hands on the very large gun. :-)

After that panel I went to see the play. And I'm really unhappy that Dragon*con gave the play the kiss-of-death 2:30pm monday timeslot and the Mighty Rassilon Art Players therefore say they won't be returning to Dragon*con. Especially as they were so fantastic.

One pic from the play. That's Sarah Jane Smith, Six (from Battlestar Galactica! LOL) and The Master. :-)

laligin and captainweird
And then there was time for just one more parting photo of [ profile] laligin and [ profile] captainweird before I needed to leave for the airport. *sniff!* But I'm hoping to see both of them at The Hub in England in the middle of October.
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