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Here's the first of my con reports, consisting pretty much entirely of a picspam of the actors' Q&As. Most of my pics are less than fabulous but I've photoshopped them as best I can.

Warning: no you don't need to see an eye doctor. Some of these pics are a little blurry. At least one is a lot blurry but needed to be included. :-)

Naoko and Gareth
Naoko and Gareth during opening ceremony

John and Gareth
John and Gareth at opening ceremony

John and Gareth
John couldn't resist petting Gareth's leg. :-) Pic is blurry but worth it. :-)

saturday panel
Pics from saturday's panels start here. Left to right: Kai, Naoko, Gareth, John

Obama tshirt
John displaying his Obama t-shirt!!

Gareth and Naoko
Gareth and Naoko pondering a serious question

Gareth in John's lap
Gareth sitting in John's lap! Squee!

boys kissing
John snogging Gareth! Yes, very blurry. If you want to see really fabulous pics of all the snogging go take a peek at This terrific post by [ profile] smirnoffmule *waves!*

more of Kai, Naoko, Gareth, and John



This is Lachlan Nieboer, who played "Gray". He's much prettier than he looked portraying that awful character!

There was so much laughing, from the stage and the audience!

Lachlan, Paul, and Ian
Lachlan again, with Paul Casey (Weevil and other monsters on Torchwood and Doctor Who). I was fascinated that he said he prefers playing monsters to playing a human. He's very interested in movement, and created the unique way the weevils move. Next to him is Ian Hildich, John Barrowman's body double during filming.

Gareth and sheep
Gareth showed up on sunday handcuffed to a sheep! I'm not sure I want to know! LOL

Gareth and the sheep again. :)

Another pic of Gareth. Because there's no such thing as too many pics of Gareth. :)

Kai showing off
Answering the question "what part of your body do you like best" Kai said his legs, then proceeded to strip down to his undies to show off his legs!

Gareth showing off\
So then Gareth couldn't resist stripping down to his undies as well! LOL. I love these guys! :-)

Kai, Gareth, Naoko, and Sara Lloyd Gregory, who played Carys (the girl who was possessed by the sex alien in episode 1.02.)

Another pic of Kai, Gareth, Naoko, and Sara.

Naoko with Anthony Lewis (Tommy, in 2.03) and Sara.

Another pic of Naoko and Anthony. It was nice to see them on stage together. That was such a sweet episode they were in.

Sara, Paul, Anthony, and Richard Tunesi (anther Weevil and other monsters guy. All the behind-the-scenes people were fun to chat with, especially since their autograph queues were short so I could take my time with them.)

Naoko, Anthony, and Sara

One more pic of Kai. I wanted to post of pic of him singing "Hymns and Arias" but they were all a bit too blurry to post. I was so happy he sang it! :-)
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