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I'm not capable of a coherent con report at this point, so I'm starting with a picspam of the actors who were there. I remember laughing. A lot. Eve Myles was very funny. So was Tom Price. And everyone fell in love with Matt Rippy (the "real Jack Harkness"). After getting his autograph (and chatting amiably with him...he was very easy to talk to and chatted with everyone) I marched up to the registration desk to buy a photo shoot with him. Lovely man. Kai and Gareth were there too, and fun as ever. And Burn Gorman was delightful, and very cuddly. Dianebear will get her own post later on, considering sunday was the best day of her life (so far)! :-)
most of these are a bit blurry! Sorry! My camera and I fail! )
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Did any of you(those of you in the Northern Hemisphere) happen to see the moon this evening? The moon with two rather bright objects (obviously planets) near it? I knew this had to be something unusual so I grabbed my camera when I got home and went outdoors to photograph it. Then I googled it. Sure enough it's a rare alignment of Jupiter and Venus with the moon. That was one of many articles about it.

and here's my photo, the best I could do with my little camera )
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I saw an albino squirrel in the tree outside my kitchen window today. And I managed to get pics of it.

EDIT to add: or it might be a white squirrel. [ profile] pasticcio googled and found out such a critter exists. And from my pic it looks like it probably didn't have red eyes. Either way it's something I don't often see. wanna see and decide for yourself? )
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I'd been wanting to do something summer-like before the summer vanished, and had been wanting a boat ride. So I finally decided to go to Spectacle Island. I hadn't been out to any of Boston's Harbor Islands in many years and this one is new. (Well, the island itself isn't new but it's being a park is new.) So after several failed scheduling attempts (due to incessant rain this summer) I finally made it out there last sunday, with [ profile] denicemarcell and [ profile] gracewillow.

wanna see a few photos from Spectacle Island? )

On the return boat ride I stood in the very front of the boat, holding on tight to the railing while the boat moved at high speed, picking up lots of wind. It was such a warm day I wasn't at all cold in shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. As long as I didn't look down at the waves I managed to keep from getting motion sick. It was exhilarating! :-)


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