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I'm not capable of a coherent con report at this point, so I'm starting with a picspam of the actors who were there. I remember laughing. A lot. Eve Myles was very funny. So was Tom Price. And everyone fell in love with Matt Rippy (the "real Jack Harkness"). After getting his autograph (and chatting amiably with him...he was very easy to talk to and chatted with everyone) I marched up to the registration desk to buy a photo shoot with him. Lovely man. Kai and Gareth were there too, and fun as ever. And Burn Gorman was delightful, and very cuddly. Dianebear will get her own post later on, considering sunday was the best day of her life (so far)! :-)
most of these are a bit blurry! Sorry! My camera and I fail! )
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Here's the first of my con reports, consisting pretty much entirely of a picspam of the actors' Q&As. Most of my pics are less than fabulous but I've photoshopped them as best I can. pics of some of the gorgeous men and lovely women who bring my current favorite tv show to life )
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I've decided to put part two here instead of my (mostly) fic journal because I got so many comments I was constantly having to back and forth between the two journals. So I'm making this a public post. This post is going to focus on the Doctor Who and Torchwood fans, and also a little on Brittrack, the wonderful people who made this all possible at Dragon*con. click here for lots of pics including bears, fans, costumers, and all sorts of wonderful and creative people. )
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Last night [ profile] sophiaserpentia and I watched episode 12 of Torchwood. The episode aptly titled "Jack Harkness". Yeah, that episode (for those of you in the know.) Wow, what a fabulous episode - great story line, intriguing unresolved plot detail, and OMG! OMG! OMG!

spoilers here, lj-cut for anyone who hasn't seen this episode yet and plans to someday )


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