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Yes, I made it into work this morning. My work doesn't close because of snowstorms. My entire window ledge has been covered with pigeons this morning. Right now there are 8 of them. Usually they fly away when I arrive and turn on the office light. Today they're not bothering to move. I don't blame them, given a choice I wouldn't move either! and I'm enjoying them being out there. Here's just a few (they won't all fit in the picture.)

birds on window ledge

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I saw an albino squirrel in the tree outside my kitchen window today. And I managed to get pics of it.

EDIT to add: or it might be a white squirrel. [ profile] pasticcio googled and found out such a critter exists. And from my pic it looks like it probably didn't have red eyes. Either way it's something I don't often see. wanna see and decide for yourself? )
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I've been having a quiet day at home: did laundry, revised a Torchwood fanfic story (haven't gotten up the nerve to post it yet), and did some grocery shopping -- it was time for a Trader Joe's run, so I walked around Arlington Reservoir first. Lovely, steamy hot day. I love summer!
here are three photos. Warning: closeup of bees in the third photo, just letting you know in case anyone is bee-phobic. )
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I'd planned to be at one of [ profile] urbpan's nature walks this morning - even set my alarm and got up early but I was moving slowly...and just needed to relax and take my time so I didn't make it. As a consolation prize, I walked over to Spy Pond in the morning to try out my new camera.

baby swan and more critters here )
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As I said in my previous post, on sunday I had the privilege of being able to take part in one of [ profile] urbpan's nature walks. This one was at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, which is also an aboretum.

Pond at cemetry
Here's one of the pretty scenes we saw there.
click here if you want to see the rest of the photos )

Day off

Mar. 24th, 2008 05:14 pm
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I took today as a vacation day -- very much needed! I spent the morning doing laundry and futzing around on Torchwood communities, posting the story I wrote on saturday (which was scary but the feedback's been really nice.) etc.

Then I took my hiking boots and drove up to Arlington Heights, and took a walk around the reservoir to start attempting to break them in. I'm cautiously optimistic. After my walk I went to Trader Joe's (still wearing the hiking boots) and forgot I had them on. Always a good sign.

And since I went for a nature walk, of course you get to see a little of what I saw today. birds, birds, and for a change of pace, birds! )
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As I mentioned in a post yesterday, on sunday I actually left the house and took a walk! It wasn't as warm as today (a remarkable 50F/10C) but it wasn't bitter cold or sleeting or any other horrors. I walked to the nearby Mystic River and here's what I saw.

little brown bird
This little cutie. I haven't tried yet to figure out what kind of bird it is.
two more )
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Thank you to the many of you who helped identify my morning bird yesterday: a red-tailed hawk! This morning out my window I saw two squirrels scampering on the ground. It looked like there was no action in the trees but I watched for a few minutes, saw something small and dark flying around (I have no idea what) and then I saw something small and quite red. Definitely a cardinal!

hmmm...I think I may need to shop for binoculars so I can better see those blurs in the trees. (I wonder how well they work when you have to wear glasses...?)
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Here's a photo of a bird I saw out my bedroom window just before 8:00 this morning. click here to see the birdie )
Does anyone know what this bird is? It's a large bird (definitely bigger than a pigeon!) I did a quick google search but since I'm lazy I thought I'd ask here. Whatever it is, it's willing to hang out here in the snow. Dark feathers on top, white on its belly. I don't know if those are speckles on its feathers, or snow. :-)

And just for fun, here's the view from my kitchen window this morning. winter is ok as long as I don't have to go outdoors! )


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